Poetic Beginnings

My passion for performance was born out of a love of poetry. I competed for four years in Poetry Out Loud, a poetry recitation competition that develops skills in understanding poetic language and performing poems from pre-20th century to the present. Poetry Out Loud gave me a space to express a variety of emotions in a way that felt comfortable and structured.  I won 4 district titles, and in 2018, I won the state championship and gained the privilege of competing on the national level. 

Wolfpack Thespian

I started performing in plays at NC State University, and worked with fantastic directors like Lormarev Jones and Rachel Klem. My background in social work allows me to empathize and understand my characters and their relationships on a deep and personal level. I grew to love being onstage to make people laugh, cry, and think deeply. In 2021, I won the Best Performing Artist of the Year Award. 

Community Player

After graduating, I have worked with several community theatre companies, including Burning Coal, OddyseyStage, Raleigh Little Theatre, and Switchyard Theatre Company. I bring a unique perspective as a black woman to predominantly white roles that were previously inaccessible and unavailable to people like me. I enjoy pushing the boundaries of art and consider myself a life-long learner.