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Directed by: Amelia Lumpkin and Barbette Hunter

Performance Dates: June 6 - 23, 2024

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Show Synopsis: 

Step into Maya's world of love, laughter, and heartbreak as she takes you on a wild ride through the complex landscape of her past relationships in Ex-Boyfriends. This thought-provoking and hilarious show delves into the depths of Maya's psyche, where her ex-boyfriends double as manifestations of her inner struggles and are turned into puppet versions of themselves. From grappling with religion to challenging toxic masculinity, each former flame represents a unique facet of Maya's emotional journey. Get ready to laugh, cry, and reflect on love, life, and the tangled threads that connect us all.

Trigger Warnings: Mention of sexual assault, eating disorders, 

depictions of penis, language

Meet the Ex-Boyfriends!

Take a look at the vision boards for each ex-boyfriend to get some insight into these complex characters.:





Congratulations to the Cast!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to auditions, you all were incredible and made our jobs as directors and producer quite difficult! 

Our incredible cast will include:

Adam: Jacob Berger

Bryce: Jarred Pearce

Charlie: Nat Sherwood

Damon: Jaye Bullock

Jo: Katie Milligan

Maya: Dani Coan


Performance Dates: Thursday, June 6th, Friday, June 7th, Wednesday June 12th, Saturday, June 15th, Saturday June 22nd and Sunday June 23rd.